RoboFlex® VP

The RoboFlex VP (Value Package) is a palletized drawer system.

Productivity RoboFlex Value Package Pre-Engineered System

RoboFlex VP Flyer:

PDF icon Productivity RoboFlex VP Flyer

RoboFlex VP Videos:

Video icon Productivity RoboFlex VP with Haas ST-10

Video icon Productivity RoboFlex VP with Haas DT-1

Video icon Productivity RoboFlex VP on Haas VF-2SS

Video icon RoboFlex Value Package with FANUC robot, tending Haas ST10

The RoboFlex VP comes ready to be floor mounted, or can be upgraded to be pre-mounted on a moveable platform, which allows the cell to be moved as one unit.  The pedestals provide a secure mount for the robot and infeed drawers.

The RoboFlex VP is simple to operate. The operator:

  1. Places part blanks onto the top surface of each part drawer.
  2. Closes the drawer and places the CNC machine into automatic operation.
  3. Starts the automatic operation of the robot. Parts will automatically process until the drawers run out of parts.

Base Package Popular Options (others by consultation)

  • FANUC iRVision 2D part locating system
  • Re-grip/flip station
  • Part inspection/exit chute
  • Pneumatic vertical sliding shutter
  • Fast servo (2) door shutter
  • High-speed servo door actuator
  • Upgrade to quick-change tool stem
  • Extra quick-change dual gripper assembly
  • Vise mount casting for rotary table (8”)
  • Schunk KSP 160 Plus vise

Key Features

  • Our lowest cost system
  • Single machine only
  • Lathes and mills possible
  • Compact footprint
  • Simplest to operate

For specifications, please contact Productivity’s Robotics and Automation department at 763.476.8600. 

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