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Pre-Engineered Systems
Our pre-packaged robotic systems can help maximize output capacity for your manufacturing facility.
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Pre-Engineered Systems

RoboFlex LogoLOWER initial investment. SHORTER lead times.

Productivity offers a number of pre-engineered RoboFlex® automation packages to provide flexible solutions to your current manufacturing challenges. 

RoboFlex VP - Value Package

The RoboFlex Value Package is a palletized drawer system.

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RoboFlex DS - Docking System

RoboFlex Docking System is a palletized cart system.

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RoboFlex CS - Conveyor System

RoboFlex Conveyor System is an infeed/outfeed conveyor system.

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RoboFlex MC - Material Closet

RoboFlex Material Closet is a vertical tray feeding system.

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RoboFlex PS - Pallet Station

RoboFlex Pallet Station is a floor-mounted pallet system.

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RoboFlex FF - Flex Feeder

RoboFlex Flex Feeder  is an intelligent bulk flex feeder system.

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Watch and see how RoboFlex can add productivity to your Haas machines.

How Does RoboFlex Pre-Engineered System Work?

RoboFlex® systems are automated machine tending systems. This diagram illustrates the core sub-systems in a typical machine tending cell which allows a robot to load/unload your machine tools.  In each of our systems, our engineers have combined these sub-systems to ensure that the robot can successfully perform the  repetitive task of part exchanges during machine operation. This allows you to get the most productivity from your equipment and employees.

Productivity RoboFlex Typical Cell Components

How You Will  Benefit from a RoboFlex Pre-Engineered Systems

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  • More production through efficiency
  • Reduced hourly operating costs
  • Extended capacity from your machine operators
  • Improved, consistent part quality
  • Easy and fast part changeovers

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Learn how to lower your initial investment, shorten lead times and get predictable results.

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