RoboFlex® CS

The RoboFlex CS (Conveyor System) is an infeed/outfeed conveyor system.

The RoboFlex CS comes with two conveyors that have a vision camera mounted above the part infeed conveyor.  The welded steel pedestal holds the robot and is mounted to your shop floor.

The RoboFlex CS is simple to operate. The operator to randomly places parts onto the infeed conveyor. The vision system will identify and transmit the part location and orientation to the robot for pick-up.  Completed parts are placed onto the outfeed conveyor by the robot.

Base Package Popular Options (others by consultation)

  • FANUC iRVision 2D part locating system
  • Re-grip/flip station
  • Part inspection/exit chute
  • Pneumatic vertical sliding shutter
  • Fast servo (2) door shutter
  • High-speed servo door actuator
  • Extra quick-change dual gripper assembly
  • Additional machine integration
  • Schunk KSP 160 Plus vise

Key Features

  • Most versatile system
  • Multi-machine layouts possible
  • Lathes and mills possible
  • Can hold 1000 lbs of material
  • Heavy payload versions possible

For specifications, please contact Productivity’s Robotics and Automation department at or call us at 763.476.8600.

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