RoboFlex® DC6

The RoboFlex DC6 (Docking Cabinet) is a 6-drawer docking cabinet system.

The RoboFlex DC6 is a small-footprint production cell that contains an entire robotic part loading system. It comes with one independent drawer cabinet with 6 vertically stacked drawers; allowing for flexibility in orientation to the robot and machine tool with a high population of parts stored. The drawers are mounted with 27.75” x 32.75” aluminum part pallets, allowing for rapid material exchange for continuous production. The part height spacing between each drawer is 4.5”. Additional drawer cabinets may be added to the cell. The welded steel pedestal holds the robot and is mounted to your shop floor. The drawer cabinet hardware allows the cell operator to quickly and accurately exchange the work queue.

The RoboFlex DC6 is simple to operate. The cell operator places part blanks onto a pallet carried by the drawer slides. At the appropriate time, the operator can access each drawer from outside of the cell to load and unload parts. The robot pulls each drawer inside of the cell to pick and place parts through the manufacturing process. A quick swap of the pallets in each drawer, and the drawer cabinet is ready for the next job. Parts will automatically process until the parts run out.

Base Package Popular Options (others by consultation)

  • FANUC iRVision 2D part locating system
  • Re-grip/flip station
  • Part inspection/exit chute
  • Pneumatic vertical sliding shutter
  • Fast servo (2) door shutter
  • High-speed servo door actuator
  • Upgrade to quick-change tool stem
  • Extra quick-change dual gripper assembly
  • Additional machine integration
  • Vise mount casting for rotary table (8”)Schunk KSP 160 Plus vise

Key Features

  • High volume vertical part storage in a compact space 
  • Multi-machine layouts 
  • Lathes and mills possible 
  • Multiple cabinets in the cell 
  • Easy, fast changeover 
  • Suitable for larger heavier parts 

For specifications, please contact Productivity’s Robotics and Automation department at or call us at 763.476.8600.

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