Competitive Machine Tool & Equipment Financing Options To Meet Your Needs


Productivity and MMT FinancingTo keep your manufacturing costs low, you need to take advantage of today’s advanced machine tool manufacturing technology. This requires investing your hard-earned profits. Your company will benefit from Productivity’s national resources of inexpensive, innovative lease and loan products. 

By providing a diverse mix of financing alternatives, it is easier for your company to choose the best financial solutions for your growth. We combine our knowledge of machine tools and financial products to help keep you ahead of your competition with lower payments and timely transaction processing.

Financing Options

  • Capital Lease / Lease Purchase
  • Loans
  • Tax Leases
  • Rental Programs
  • Fixed and Floating Rates
  • Flexible Payment Structures

For more information regarding obtaining a line of credit with Productivity Inc or on leasing options, contact our Finance department at 763.476.8600 or email us at

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