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Why Use a Bar Feeder Posted on June 6, 2022
thumbnail of blog featured imageIf you’re like most job shops, you’re always looking for ways to be more competitive. With the continued importance of just-in-time manufacturing, automating your turning production processes has never been more relevant. And, with the shortage of qualified manpower, automating your turning operations is a must. Integration of automation has proven to be a valuable…

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Haas Stop Execution with M109 G-Code Posted on May 23, 2022

Haas M109 G-Code: How to stop execution on the Haas control and ask the operator to answer a simple question before continuing to run the remainder of the program. In the world of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling and turning, machinists use programming codes such as G- and M-codes to tell the machine what to…

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Hwacheon – Building CNC Milling and Turning Machines One Customer at a Time Posted on February 14, 2022
thumbnail of blog featured imageHwacheon (pronounced WATCH-ON) is the first Korean company to produce highly stable and long-lasting Hwacheon CNC milling and turning machines. Unlike many machine tool manufacturers, Hwacheon doesn’t mass produce their machines. Instead, they custom manufacture their CNC milling and turning machines in-house to fit each customer’s requirements, and use only high-quality components from well-known manufacturers….

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Haas Proper Tool Setting Procedure Posted on May 26, 2015

What is the Proper Tool Setting Procedure for Haas Machines? To reduce the incidence of a “CRASH” on your Haas machine, proper tool setting procedures should be used.  Using the Z Face Measure Key, if you are not sure you are getting the correct value: Example:   The correct value should be Z-15.0000 The value after…

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