At Productivity, we are passionate about helping businesses streamline their processes to ensure they are working as efficiently as possible. That is why we supply our customers with electrical discharge machining (EDM) tools from industry leaders, like Makino.

EDM machines allow you to alter hard materials into complex shapes. In the process, an electrode and workpiece are submerged in dielectric fluid to induce an electric current. As the current passes through the workpiece and electrode, small plasma zones appear that melt and remove the material.

Productivity provides a variety of EDM machines to meet your exact needs. Some tools use a thin wire to cut shapes, while others employ a cylindrical electrode to machine a hole. We offer all these and more, from RAM EDM machines to EDM hole drilling machines and wire EDM machines.

Productivity’s promise is high-quality equipment matched by excellent customer service. Our experienced, talented team is eager to help you integrate EDM machines into your factory operations and answer any questions that you or your team might have.

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