Productivity has been a partner with Makino since 1983. Makino was established in 1937 and is a world leader in advanced CNC horizontal and vertical machining centers. Makino is committed to providing high-performance, leading-edge machining technologies and innovative engineered process solutions that enable manufacturers to focus on making what matters. The full line of Makino’s machine tools are offered in a wide range of high-precision metal-cutting and wire EDM machinery, including HMCs, VMCs, 5-axis machining centers, micro machining machines, graphite machining centers, and wire and Ram EDMs. For more information on EDM machining and whether it is right for your shop, check out this article on when to bring EDM in-house.

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Machine Type

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EDM (Electric discharge machining) Machines
Milling/Machining  Centers
Micro Machining
  • iQ300/iQ500 Vertical Machining Centers
    The ideal precision micro milling machine for manufacturers of LED tooling, optic surface finishes, and other high-tolerance machining applications.
  • V22 Vertical Machining Centers
    Designed to eliminate vibration, rotational deflection, and thermal distortion to ensure precision, accuracy, and reliability when machining complex materials, such as ceramics, intricate cores, and cavities.
  • EDAF2 Sinker EDM
    Offers an ideal mix of high-speed machining, high accuracy, and surface finish capability to efficiently tackle any job.
  • EDAC1 Sinker EDM
    World’s most accurate sinker EDM, built with a refined power generator control and exacting construction to deliver the highest level of accuracy and surface finish.
  • EDFH-1 EDM Hole Drilling
    Incorporates high-accuracy EDM drilling into the same machine platform as EDAC1, capable of performing high accuracy standard Ram EDM processing.
  • UPN-01 Wire EDM
    Capable of achieving sub-micron level accuracy and equipped with a unique horizontal wire drive system that enhances wire threading performance.
Case Studies
Case Studies

Makino offers regular webinars as well as a huge archive of previously aired webinars.

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