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Q: Why use a bar feeder?

Bar feeders are perhaps the most common automation accessories used in the metalworking industry. Generally applied to turning machines they are designed to deliver a continuous supply of raw machining stock in the form of round, hex, square, and extruded shapes for the manufacture of parts of rotation. There are two common types of bar…

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Q: How can I safely get my 3-jaw chuck off my turning center?

Lower the pressure down to minimum so actuation is slow. When you are in the middle of the stroke hit E stop. Now remove all bolts but one, leave that one on by a quarter inch and use the chuck wrench to take the chuck off the draw tube adapter. If the chuck is heavy,…

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Q: What is the proper break-in procedure on NSK electro spindles? If the spindles have been idle for some time, does the user need to warm them up before use?

The iSpeed3 Series is a high-precision, high-speed motor spindle. The following procedure must be followed to ensure proper motor spindle operation and longevity. The grease inside the bearings will settle during transportation, storage or service. If the motor spindle suddenly runs at high speeds, grease will evacuate from the bearings, causing excessive heat resulting in…

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What is the Proper Tool Setting Procedure for Haas Machines?

Using the Z Face Measure Key, if you are not sure you are getting the correct value: Example:  The correct value should be Z-15.0000                        The value after using the Z Face Measure gives you Z-25.000 Check Setting #64 ( T. offset measure uses work ). This means there is a value of 10.000 in the work…

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Q: How does a saw’s design and blade twist relate to operation cost and cutting performance?

Similar to machine tools, the better that vibration is dampened and isolated from the cutting process, the greater the overall performance. These gains are realized by making accurate cuts faster, and with greater blade life. Increased blade life has two benefits: obviously the cost savings of using less blades, and with the additional production time…

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Q: Did you know that the Haas control can stop execution and ask the operator to answer a simple question before continuing to run the remainder of the program?

M109 Interactive User Input This M code allows a G-code program to place a short prompt on the screen, get a single-character input from the user and store it in a macro variable. The first 15 characters from the comment following the M109 will be displayed as a prompt in the lower left corner of…

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