If you are looking to increase your factory’s efficiency and output, Productivity Inc. is here to help. We provide top of the line automated production equipment — from leading brands like Fanuc Robotics, RoboFlex and RoboJOB — to help you maximize your production capabilities.

Manufacturing, assembly automation and unattended machining are the wave of the future. Instead of limiting production to work hours, extend the operation time of your business by running automation equipment over unattended nights and weekends. You will be able to take advantage of increased income revenue opportunities without overworking your in-house employees. With robot integration, your staff can devote time and energy to more specialized responsibilities.

In addition, automation productioin equipment is faster and more intelligent than ever — viable for small-batch or high-mix production. Some robots even utilize sensor technology, allowing them to operate safely alongside their human counterparts. By streamlining these operations, your factory can drive down costs while increasing productivity.

If you would like to learn more about our automation offerings, select a brand below or contact us for more information.

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