Why Outsource Your Automation Integration Project

Putting robots to work to grow your business

Time and again we hear the stories of companies moving manufacturing operations overseas. With every factory move there are job losses, cities abandoned and economies depressed. What if you could not only maintain, but also grow your manufacturing business and stay exactly where you are? Click here to download PDF.

You can when you remember just one word: Automation.

Moving operations overseas is costly – both in hard dollars and less tangible factors as well. Why move when you can remain competitive, efficient, centralize your inventory and rely on the strength of the U.S. labor force, supply chain, protections and support?

Don’t relocate – AUTOMATE!

An automated facility can manufacture the highest quality products, maintain control of operations, retain jobs, see significant cost improvements and continue to strengthen the economy, right here at home. Automation is flexible and offers numerous opportunities for companies to maintain profitability, regardless of the size of their operation. Automation equals cost competitiveness.

Busting Robot Myths

Myth #1: Robots are too expensive

Automation maximizes your profitability by increasing efficiency, reducing setup times and overall costs, improving quality and enabling 24/7 unattended operations. The average payback period for an automated cell is just 1.5 years. In short, automation is an investment with a very high ROI.

Myth #2: My job is too small for robots

Robots aren’t just for high production anymore. Machine efficiency increases by 30 percent (or more) with robotics, so changeovers and small lots aren’t a concern. Robots change over quickly from job to job by utilizing increased program storage, auto grippers and vision.

Myth #3: Robots are only for identical parts

Different part sizes and shapes can be part of the same run with the use of auto grippers and vision, making part changeover time quick.

Myth #4: System becomes obsolete

Even if your parts change in the future, a robot can be re-deployed; its only limitations are reach and payload.

Myth #5: No one here has a degree in robotics

No one needs a specialized degree! Working with a partner like Productivity means you receive full training and ongoing support. We make sure your robots are up and running 24/7, in position and performing their programmed tasks.

Unlike most integrators, Productivity specializes in robotics and part machining/machine tool load/unload. We focus on all areas of automation, including:

  • Design and fabrication
  • Making a cell operational
  • Cell efficiency
  • Accuracy and consistency
  • Part infeed and outfeed systems
  • Chip and coolant management
  • Quick changeover of cell control and all tooling for running a variety of parts
  • Cell control programming, logic and communication
  • Established industrial automation safety standards

Productivity designs and fabricates automated machine tool cells that will run 24/7 for many years at 90+ percent efficiency. We know robots, automation and part machining.

The key to continued growth in the American manufacturing sector is balance: Reducing production costs, improving quality through a skilled labor force and automation.

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