Bill Schmidt

Continental had been experiencing some bad servicing issues with another machine tool distributor in the past. Now working with Productivity on this new project and seeing our success first hand we realized at Continental we would want Productivity to be our partner for future machine tool purchases. We as a company feel Productivity treated us with respect at all times and made us feel like their number one customer.

Mike’s excellent training made it possible for Continental Hydraulics staff to feel confident and move forward in a short period of time producing a quality product. Within a six -month time period after the installation we had our twelve-pallet system 75% filled with our production components. We achieved a sixty-five percent cost reduction on average for all components produced on the new Makino machine. Everything Productivity promised up front to Continental prior to the purchase was achieved or better than expected.

Continental Hydraulics had an excellent experience working with Productivity from day one with this new Makino system purchase. Productivity delivered on everything they promised so we could produce a quality product achieving major cost reductions and producing product on time. Our lead times to produce product were reduced so we could ship our customer pump and valve

With the excellent working relationship with Productivity we set up a yearly maintenance program for Productivity service staff to come and do a two-day complete machine checklist repairing and servicing the entire system. This assured that the Makino systems were in good working order and saved Continental costly downtime.

Productivity’s service response for our new Makino was the same day we called in for service and in most cases within an hour they would be on site repairing our machine saving Continental costly down time.

Bill Schmidt, Continental Hydraulics Inc.


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