OEM Manufacturing Video


A local OEM manufacturer wanted to get faster cycle times and automate the production of existing parts. Different styles of parts, and complex multi step processing required several stages of work-in-process.

Product(s) Used:

  • FANUC M16iB Toploading Robot
  • FANUC V500iA 2D Vision System
  • Nakamura-Tome STW-40 Multi-tasking CNC Turn/Mill Center
  • Simple in-feed conveyor system


The system that we provided to this manufacturer allows flexible operation and the ability to easily add new parts to this system. The vision system, placed over the in-feed conveyor, allows many different parts to be processed without the need for special escapements or part positioning hardware. The multitasking turn/mill center allows full turning, milling, drilling, tapping, and porting in one operation on this twin spindle mill/turn center. Part quality is up, cycle time is down, and work-in-process is eliminated.

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