Hydroforming Cell Video


A local contract manufacturer won a large order that required additional employees if no change was to be made to the process. Their building was too small to allow much expansion and the business felt that investing in automation might be a more practical solution than simply adding more staff.

Product(s) Used:

  • RoboFlex I with LR Mate 200iB robot
  • Lanco Pallet Transfer Equipment
  • Haas VF-1 with custom workholding
  • Custom pallets to efficiently stack workpieces
  • Future expandability built-in


The system that we provided to this manufacturer allows complete machining of this part with no machine operator present. The system when fully loaded will run for 12-14 hours. It takes about an hour to unload, replenish, and service the hydroforming machine. This can mostly be done while the equipment is in operation. Provisions were built in originally to allow a second machine and robot to this system, which will allow twice as much output from the system without modifying the pallet transfer equipment.

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