How to Choose a Robotics Integrator

When you’re ready to give automation a try, be sure you’re asking these important questions of potential integration partners. Click here to download PDF.

  1. Is this the right system for our application?
    We take the time to analyze your entire manufacturing process and develop an automation solution to fit it. We will explain all of the features, benefits and options, and show you how they will improve all aspects of your operation.
  2. How comprehensive is the quotation?
    Our quotation will detail your automated cell — areas of responsibility, timetables, cell layouts and pricing.
  3. Is this system safe?
    We ensure your system is safe according to your company’s safety standards, as well as to industry standards and best practices.
  4. What if we need spare parts?
    To minimize your down time, Productivity stocks spare parts in multiple Midwest locations. Additionally, we are an authorized FANUC robotics integrator with access to FANUC’s entire spare parts inventory.
  5. Is training provided?
    Once your system is in place we provide training to your employees as well as ongoing maintenance and support.
  6. Are you a reliable operation?
    Founded in 1968, Productivity has an experienced staff of automation engineers and technicians, available at locations around the Midwest, to take care of your needs whenever they arise.
  7. Keep manufacturing close to home
    Years ago, manufacturers were fleeing North America in droves to set up shop in countries with the lowest labor rates. Many of those companies have realized the promise of cheap labor, with increasing transportation costs, is not all it’s cracked up to be and those same companies are moving back to the U.S.

Productivity designs and fabricates automated machine tool cells that will run 24/7 for many years at 90+ percent efficiency. We know robots, automation and part machining.

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