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Robotic Accessories
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High Speed Servo Door
RoboFlex Servo Door
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If your machine doesn’t have a door opener on it, Productivity can equip it with a high speed servo driven door opener unit. This unit allows most machine doors to be opened or closed in 1 second (a much faster time than your typical pneumatic unit). Additionally, an operator (manual) control button will operate the unit (unless the machine is in cycle) at a slower and protected speed. Upon contact with an obstacle, the servo door will reverse the closing motion and then stop the door cycle.
Quick Change Gripper Mount
RoboFlex Quick Change Gripper
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This option will allow the operator to change gripper hand assemblies in seconds. The quick change gripper mount contains couplings for up to three gripper hands, and will eliminate the need to change screws, gripper fingers, and air lines. When used on a system that will be changed over frequently, this will improve the uptime and consistency of set-ups and shorten the changeover time considerably.
High Pressure Coolant System
RoboFlex Coolant System
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A high pressure coolant pump can help increase feeds and speeds as well as control chips.  With the higher cooling and lubricating power of a high pressure system the machine tool can run at a higher surface speed therefore utilizing its full power capability.  Furthermore, the increased pressure of the coolant hitting the chips makes it easier to break chips and flush them away from the work piece.  Last, but not least, a high pressure coolant system can decrease down time by increasing tool life and reducing the possibility of breaking tools.
Air Blow Unit
No Image Available This unit actually bolts inside of the subject machine tool. This allows the system to command air blow off of the part locating device.
Extra Blank Pallets
RoboFlex Pallet
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These blank pallets are ready to have pockets for new part nests milled into them. They will drop onto the receiver pins of the rotary unit on the pallet switcher turntable.
Part Re-Grip Station
RoboFlex Part Re-Grip Station
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The part re-grip station will provide a quick change base that can accommodate a variety of small fixtures that the robot might require in dual side operations. The quick change base is always in the same location and makes it easy for part change-over because it eliminates the need to re-teach the part re-grip portion of the material handling program. The part re-grip station allows any part that fits in a 4” cube to be set-down and re-gripped for a second side operation. (Actual part cradle is specific to a particular part, and must be provided by the customer).
Part Inspection Chute
RoboFlex Part Inspection Chute
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The part inspection chute will allow an operator to push a button to request the next part to be unloaded to the chute rather than the pallet return nest. This will allow for real-time inspection of the latest part, rather than having to interrupt the pallet load, or automatic cycle.
Part Gaging Station
RoboFlex Part Gauging System
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Part inspection stations can be incorporated. Each situation must be evaluated by Productivity, Inc as inspection needs are complex and vary widely.
Robotic Vision System
RoboFlex Robotic Vision System
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A reliable system that allows operators to randomly place parts onto the in-feed conveyor. The vision system will identify and transmit the part coordinates to the robot for pick-up. This makes introductions of new parts more flexible and reduces the amount of special hardware required to orient and separate incoming parts for pick-up.
Part Marking
No Image Available Part marking systems can be incorporated into these cells. Pin markers, ink-jet units, or laser marking systems can be used.
Miscellaneous Parts & Accessories
No Image Available Other components available are faceplate stems, master quick change plates, tool plates, gripper mounts, 3-jaw grippers and spare gripper jaws.

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