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Custom Systems
We examine your entire manufacturing process and design an automation solution that is customized to fit your specific needs.

Custom Systems

Productivity will examine your entire manufacturing process, from receipt of raw materials to shipping of the finished product, and will design a robotic solution that is customized to fit your specific needs.

Custom Industrial Automation Solutions Include: 

  • Project management services provided from start to finish.
  • In addition to the robotic material handling process; a complete turnkey system can be provided, including CNC programming, cutting tools, and machine work holding solutions.
  • Automatic feedback and part measuring systems can be provided to automatically adjust the offsets of the machine tool, ensuring part quality.
  • Complete system demonstration and run off prior to delivery to your facility.
  • System install and set up at your facility.
  • Operator training and maintenance training of custom system at your facility.

Custom Automation Systems in Action: 

 Hydroforming Cell Video


OEM Manufacturing Cell Video

In addition to providing custom systems, Productivity also offers our RoboFlex® brand of pre-engineered systems.

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