RoboFlex® VP
RoboFlex® VP

The RoboFlex® VP (Value Package) is a simple cabinet style loader that is loaded with raw material and closed and locked prior to automatic operation. A low-cost vision system allows for versatile part handling capabilities from very simple totes or trays. This automatic parts loader is a versatile and economical way to bring untended automatic parts loading into your manufacturing process. The innovative, yet simple design incorporates the field proven FANUC LRMate-200iD industrial robot (payload 5Kg) and can be connected to three different machine tool models. The three models are: a Haas SL-10 CNC lathe, a Haas SL-20 lathe, and a FANUC RoboDrill Drill/Tap Center. The complete unit is capable of untended part production using FANUC patented 2D iRVision system. For specifications, please contact Productivity's Robotics and Automation department at 763.476.8600. For general specifications, click here to download PDF.

See the RoboFlex VP in action.

Productivity RoboFlex VP with Haas DT-1

Productivity RoboFlex VP on Haas VF-2SS

Features & Benefits
Rugged enclosed industrial cabinet

The heavy-duty sheet-metal enclosure provides the base for holding the robot and enclosing the entire part handling process. The cabinet provides a solid base that doesn’t rely on mounting brackets or physical connections to the machine tool. The powder-coated painted finish looks great and the polycarbonate windows allow a good unobstructed view into the loader cabinet.

Totally self-contained

The RoboFlex VP module is completely enclosed within the cabinet. The high quality cabinet completely encloses the robot, control and the in-feed containers. This minimizes the amount of floor space taken up by the unit

Pre-engineered to be versatile and maximize investment

The complete unit is pre-engineered to provide easy application for different work-pieces. The end user only needs to develop the CNC machine process and design the part gripping fingers.  Teach a few simple points to the robot from the pre-determined part handling routine and you’re ready to produce parts.

RoboFlex VP equipment package comes with a single camera vision system. The vision system is capable of handling a wide variety of parts using FANUC iRVision 2D vision software, a powerful vision application program. The unit is also capable of running different parts, simply by changing grippers and the part handling program.

Simple operation

The RoboFlex VP is simple to operate. The operator places parts in structured uniform layers and places the load tote in the camera’s field of view. The operator then closes the cabinet door and places the robot in automatic operation. Then the operator starts the CNC machine tool. Parts will automatically process until the load tote runs out of parts.

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