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Preventive Maintenance
April 2015
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Welcome to the second issue of the Productivity eNews newsletter! Every year we visit our doctor to make sure everything is working as it should - a well visit, or more specifically, a preventive maintenance visit. This issue is focusing on preventive maintenance for your machine tools.   Quick links

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Thursday, April 16th, 2015 • 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

Managing your preventive maintenance can be a daunting task! Join us, as Glenn Miller, Preventive Maintenance and Rebuild Manager, Productivity Inc. and Mark Tobias, Operations Manager, Productivity Quality cover best practices regarding preventive maintenance.

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preventive maintenance tidbit
Washing your machining center or lathe work envelope after each shift will really extend the life of waycover seals, fixture components, and live tooling.
Live Tool repair Tip
Removing live tools from the turret and inspecting them for wear, noise, or damage every 300 to 500 hours. This will prevent serious internal damage to very expensive tools between your rebuilds.
Live Tool Repair

Produtivity Inc Live Tool Repair

Productivity has Fast 48-Hour Turnaround on Most Live Tool Rebuilds and Repairs!

  • We perform live tool rebuilds on most driven tool brands.
  • We thoroughly clean, inspect, analyze, and repair to factory specifications.
  • Service is performed by courteous, knowledgeable, local Productivity Service Technicians.
  • Free estimates on every tool plus 90-day warranty on all rebuilt parts
  • Average turnaround is 48 hours; all rebuilds are performed LOCALLY, thus reducing your down time!

Call 763-745-1161 or email at to get more information or to request a Return Authorization (RA) number.

upcoming events

Productivity Omaha Office:
Open House June 3rd & 4th.

Our Omaha office is hosting a metalworking open house. This is an opportunity to see live demos on Makino, Citizen, Haas, Durma, Okamoto and FOBA machines. Come by and visit with our machine tool experts, bring a project to discuss, and have some lunch on us. See you there! For more information contact

Productivity Mpls Office:
MPMA Member meeting April 16th.

MPMA will be having its member program at our main office featuring presentations on preventive maintenance and CNC Performance Evaluation. Click here to register.

Oktoberfest 2015 is September 22nd to the 24th:

It's official. Productivity's Oktoberfest Tool Show is September 22nd to the 24th! More details to follow later at

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Productivity is putting the finishing touches on a new, easy to navigate website. It will feature a new modern look, easy navigation on each page, a mobile ready design, and an accessible resources section to help our customers find the info they need to help them in their machine tool buying process. Check back often at

How Preventive Maintenance Plays a Role in Controlling Unexpected Machine Tool Downtime  
Productivity Inc Preventive Maintenance Visit

You change the oil in your vehicle per the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. You wash your vehicle regularly to keep the salt and other elements from doing damage to your paint and minimize rust. You clean your shower regularly to keep it clean and help make the tile and grout last. Every fall you empty the gas from your riding lawn mower, grease the bearings and change the oil to extend its life. You stain your deck every other year or so to preserve the wood and keep it looking new. Why do you perform these mundane tasks? Because you want to extend the life of the things you own and not have them break down unexpectedly. Do you give the same care to your machine tools? By performing regular visual inspections and having a planned preventive maintenance program, you can reduce or eliminate unexpected downtime and maximize uptime.

There are two types of maintenance: reactive and preventive. Reactive maintenance happens when a machine tool runs until it breaks down.  At that point, the focus is on damage control. Preventive or “planned” maintenance is a proactive approach by which a machine tool has a planned time when it will be taken down for servicing.  While it may seem that there is never a good time to take a machine tool down to perform routine maintenance, if this maintenance is included in the original production planning, it will be a smooth and seamless event.

Benefits of a scheduled preventive maintenance program:

  • Production down time is reduced.
  • Extends the life of your machine tools.
  • Rejects, scrap, and rework are reduced due to the machine tool being maintained and in good operating condition.
  • Less time is spent on additional equipment setup and adjustments due to components wearing out.
  • Part replacement costs are reduced and can be planned and budgeted, as repairs are made on a scheduled basis.
  • Maintenance records may serve as a machine tool service history report if it is ever sold.

So how do we take control of our machine tool failures?

Once you’ve determined the value of a preventive maintenance program, this service can be managed internally or contracted externally. An internal maintenance program requires that the company has a staff that is well versed in a variety of different machine tools, including technical expertise, ISO requirements, equipment functionality, part ordering and management, and installation.

By using an external contractor to perform your preventive maintenance, you have access to skilled technicians who work day in and day out on a variety of machine tools and carry with them all of the necessary tools and parts to perform the work. This allows them to work more efficiently and effectively, thereby saving you money by getting your machine tools up and running sooner. In addition to saving on the costs associated with having an internal staff, an external contractor will tailor and manage a preventive maintenance program to meet your needs and budget.

The fact is, improperly maintained equipment will eventually fail, but the question is, to what degree? Similar to not replacing your vehicle’s timing belt, peripheral damage to a larger section of the machine tool can occur. Once the failure has occurred, the race is on to get it back up and running as soon as possible. Whether you have it done internally or by an external contractor, the fact is, the downtime was unplanned and yields the same result - your machine tool is down and will cost more to fix than if you had a preventive maintenance program in place. This includes the time to determine what broke, the extent of the damage to the entire machine tool, the time and cost to find, order and expedite parts, overtime, and on-call costs to bring in an external expert. These elements and lost production are the true cost of an unexpected machine tool breakdown.

Depending on the number, variety and complexity of the machine tools in your shop, having an internal maintenance staff might make sense. If a company is committed to having an internal maintenance staff, it is to their benefit to have highly trained and skilled people that are continually trained in order to ensure the integrity of the maintenance program. Before making this leap, it is definitely worth the time to investigate using an external contractor. While it may seem daunting to pay for this service, the cost to properly maintain your machine tools will pay dividends in overall production and machine tool investment.

Productivity Inc. has a full-service Preventive Maintenance Department. With Productivity’s Preventive Maintenance Service, you can detect problems BEFORE costly damage and downtime occur.

  • We offer flexible service levels and costs to provide the coverage you need. We’ll even tailor a service program that fits your exact needs and budget.
  • We can build your program based on your company’s ISO requirements.
  • We can develop a program for a one-machine shop, large manufacturing facilities and everything in between.
  • We manage your service plan so that you don’t have to. We provide dedicated service personnel, easy scheduling and annual service reminders.
  • Service is available on wide range of machine tools, even if they were not purchased from Productivity.
  • Service is performed by factory-certified, knowledgeable and courteous technicians.
  • Technicians arrive with the tools and parts needed to get the job done right the first time. And, they clean up once the job is complete.

For more information, get the brochure here.

Contact Productivity’s Preventive Maintenance Department for more information, or to schedule an appointment:  | 763-745-1161

Why Get a CNC Performance Evaluation?

PQI CNC Ball Bar Analysis

All CNC machining poses problems, and nobody sets out to make defective parts. Defects can be caused from bad tooling to worn spindles. Many of these errors can be fixed in minutes. It only makes sense to find a way to predict errors and make adjustsments when needed. Productivity Quality, Inc. is offering a CNC Performance Evaluation package that includes a ballbar and spindle analysis to help you reduce rework, minimize downtime, and reduce production costs.

The ballbar allows you to manage your CNC machine tools effectively by determining a machine tool’s capabilities before machining and subsequent post-process part inspection. This allows you to see the errors and what is causing the problem, giving you the flexibility to minimize distruption for maintenance.

PQI CNC Ball Bar AnalysisOur Spindle Error Analysis (SEA) measures the motions of a machine tool spindle at operating speeds. It then analyzes and reports error motions that decrease part quality. These measurements aid in troubleshooting, prevent unnecessary spindle, and result in increased part quality and decreased scrap.

For more information, get the brochure here.

Contact Productivity’s Preventive Maintenance Department for more information, or to schedule an appointment:  | 763-745-1161

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