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Accuracy in Grinding
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Welcome to the first issue of the Productivity eNews newsletter! In this issue, we are focusing on grinding. Grinding machines are versatile and are used for both roughing and finishing. Grinding is a highly productive, very cost-effective process that may require less downtime for a superior surface finish. Productivity offers surface, OD & ID, tool & cutter, and perimetric/centerless grinders. Productivity is sure to have a grinder to meet your specific application needs.   Quick links

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Wednesday, February 25th & Thursday, February 26th, 2015
10:00 am to 4:00 pm

See Productivity’s line of grinding systems on display: ANCA, Okamoto and TRU TECH. Meet the experts and bring along your project. There will be live demonstrations, industry experts and Productivity engineers on hand. From surface grinding to tool & cutter grinding to perimetric grinding, you’ll see how their versatility and accuracy are welcome additions to any shop. Productivity has the grinder for your specific application.

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Anca TIP
The main reason to support your tool is to reduce deflection of the tool during grinding. Reduced deflection will improve your tolerances, run-out and surface finish. This means a higher quality, longer lasting tool that you should be able to charge a higher price for. It also allows you to increase your feed rates and therefore your profits. And in the last few tools prior to an automated wheel dress, a steady rest can help maintain your tolerances and avoid breakages, even as the wheel starts to dull off.

Even though you might expect to wear out your grinding wheels faster using a tool support system due to your faster feed rates, supporting your tool can actually extend the life of your wheels. This is due to a reduction in vibration and subsequent chipping and wear along the edge of the wheel.
That with the Okamoto ACC 8-18NC an operator does not have to be in front of the machine during the entire cycle because the ACC 8-18NC is a fully programmable  CNC form grinder with auto dress and compensation feature.
The application of coolants to the grinding process is important. Coolants maintain work quality, stabilize part dimensions, insure longer wheel life and allows high speeds and feeds to be used to achieve optimal grinding conditions. . Coolants are applied by either flooding the work area or by high pressure jet streams.
Grinding accessories
Grinding accessories including wheels and coolants are available through our Tooling & Accessories group. Or if you're not sure what you need, our tooling experts can "wheel" you in the right direction. Email us at, call us at 763-476-4196 or go to and click on the Tooling button to order online.

upcoming events

Productivity Omaha Office:

Makino EDM Demos on March 10th and 11th, by appointment only. Please contact the Nebraska office at 402-330-2323 to schedule your visit.

Productivity Mpls Office:

Medical Parts Laser Marking Seminar presented by FOBA. Choose either Tuesday, March 10th or Wednesday, March 11th. More information available soon. Check out website often.

Oktoberfest 2015:

This is Productivity's Oktoberfest year. Dates and details to be announced soon. Check our website often.

ANCA FX Linear   FX Linear Series  
ANCA FX Linear

The all new series of three ANCA FX Linear machines, introduced to the world at IMTS 2014, show an appealing design backed by new motion and control technologies, and promise users higher levels of grinding accuracy and performance, less required maintenance, in a smaller foot print. Further, no other machine tool, particularly cutter grinders, utilize the new-design tubular shaft linear motors built into the ANCA FX Series grinders

The FX Linear machine range covers a broad industry spectrum from light manufacture, regrinding and full production. Its best performance and productivity range is for tools up to diameter 12mm (1/2”). It offers grinding capabilities for tools up to diameter 200mm. Maximum wheel diameter is 8”. The FX series consists of three machine levels. FX3 Linear, FX5 Linear, and FX7 Linear.

All Models:

  • New touchscreen customizable with Windows, hand-held pendant for easier set-up and an easy to access loader door for slide out pallets to make operator’s work easier
  • Spindle Design – HSK40F taper provides increased rigidity and accuracy for improved tool surface finish results
  • C-Axis Pivot Point – as the grinding wheel is positioned on the C-axis centerline axis motion is reduced which is ideal for ball nose grinding to ensure accuracy is maintained
  • Easy Machine Access – ergonomically designed for the operator. Easy access to the headstock workholding, wheel pack and spindle for quick set-up and job change-over.

Additionally for the F5 and F7 models:

  • Wheel Changer – Options for 2 and 6 station wheel changer for maximum flexibility and productivity
  • Tool-Support – Options include Steady bed, Pop-Up Steady and MicroPlus systems to increase accuracy (Z-axis mounting)

For more information and specifications on the FX Linear machines, get the brochure here.

See the FX Series in action:

ANCA YouTube Video Image

ANCA FX Linear   ACC-8•18NC CNC Form Grinder  
Okamoto ACC 8 18NC Grinder

The ACC-8•18NC Form Grinder deliver the benefits of a full-function CNC surface grinder at a fraction of the price. It's loaded with performance features and the powerful control affords you a full array of grinding capabilities.

  • Superb construction with heavily ribbed Meehanite cast construction.
  • Full contact Double Vee for true tracking and unrivaled long-term peak precision.
  • User-friendly "Touch & Teach" conversational programming simplifies set-up and operation even for operators unfamiliar with CNC.
  • A powerful 2-axis simultaneous-control CNC expands grinding flexibility.
  • Set up to 4 different table stroke positions. Ideal for multiple workpiece grinding.
  • 3-point diamond dresser includes one 2-point angle dresser for form dressing and one 1-point dresser for straight dressing.
  • RS232C port and PC card slot are standard.

For more information and specifications on the ACC-8•18NC, get the brochure here.

Other Okamoto machines on display include OGM-12.20UNC-III CNC OD Grinder and the ACC-12.24-SA Automatic Surface Grinder.

ANCA FX Linear   Revolution-AUTO  
TRU TECH Revolution Auto Loader

Designed with ultra-precision grinding in mind, the Revolution AUTO integrates the legacy TRU TECH Systems grinding technology, along with reliable, high-value part automation to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your profile grinding operations. With TRU TECH Systems easy-to-use Pick-N-Place programming, and EZ teach automation, the Revolution AUTO will increase your throughput and advance your technical grinding capabilities. 

The system can accommodate parts from 3mm to 25mm in diameter, and up to 150mm in length - longer with optional staging capability. The Revolution AUTO is available with probing, automatic wheel dressing, oil filtration to 1-micron, and precision chilling options.

  • Profiles with a standard 1A1 Wheel
  • Profile grind, plunge grind, peel grind, In-feed and thru-feed Grind
  • Perimetric Work-Holding eliminates shank run-out without indicating
  • Intuitive programming
  • Ultra-Precision Accuracy
  • In-Process dressing
  • 3 Axis fully programmable
  • Precision Ball screws
  • Touch screen Pendant
  • 45 LPM coolant flow reduces wheel loading
  • Wide angle door access & unique rotated design
  • Excellent sight lines and work height
  • High-Density Acct-formed granite base ensures superior accuracy and finish

For more information and specifications on the Revolution AUTO, get the brochure here.

See the Revolution AUTO in action:

TRU TECH YouTube Video Image

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