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Pre-Engineered Systems
We examine your entire manufacturing process and design an automation solution that is customized to fit your specific needs.
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Pre-Engineered Systems

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Productivity offers a number of pre-engineered RoboFlex® automation packages to provide flexible solutions to your current manufacturing challenges.

RoboFlex® pre-engineered robotic systems use FANUC robots and are designed to work with a variety of machine tools and jobs in your shop. Every RoboFlex® pre-engineered automation system starts with a complete evaluation of your needs and continues with integration, installation and ongoing applications support.

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RoboFlex® CS
RoboFlex® CS (Conveyor System)

The RoboFlex CS (Conveyor System) is offered in two different sizes, each size using in/out bound part conveyors, enabling a more flexible layout and the opportunity to add two machines in one cell.

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RoboFlex® PS
RoboFlex® PS (Pallet Switcher)

The RoboFlex PS (Pallet Switcher) has a dual pallet indexer (16” x 13” pallets).

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RoboFlex® PT
RoboFlex® PT (Pallet Transfer)

The RoboFlex PT (Pallet Transfer) system utilizes a pallet transfer system that expands further upon the productive uptime of the PS (Pallet Switcher) series.

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RoboFlex® TL
RoboFlex® TL (Top Loader)

The RoboFlex TL (Top Loader) robotic cell is a versatile and economical way to bring untended automatic parts loading into your manufacturing business.

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RoboFlex® VP
RoboFlex® VP (Value Package)

The RoboFlex VP (Value Package) is a simple to operate part drawer system.

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