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RoboFlex® PT
RoboFlex® PT

The RoboFlex® Pallet Transfer (Pallet Transfer) system utilizes a pallet transfer system that expands further upon the productive uptime of the Pallet Switcher series. The robot loads and unloads from multiple pallets aligned upon an oval track.  When one pallet is filled with completed parts, the pallet transfer system automatically forwards the pallet to the unload queue and the next pallet in the line is advanced into the working area of the robot.  At the unload area, an operator replaces finished work-pieces with un-machined part blanks, and releases the re-stocked pallets back into the waiting queue where they will be processes sequentially. These automated pallet transfer systems are a versatile and economical way to bring untended automatic parts loading into your manufacturing process. The innovative, yet simple design incorporates the field proven FANUC  LRMate-200iD industrial robot (payload 5Kg) and the basic RoboFlex PS framework with the pallet switcher portion replaced by the pallet transfer equipment. Individual pallet assemblies can handle up to 35 pounds of part payload. This package is specifically designed to load and unload parts into a wide variety of machine tools or industrial manufacturing equipment. For general specifications, click here to download PDF.

Features & Benefits
Rugged aluminum extruded framework

The heavy extruded framework encloses the robotic tending area of the pallet transfer system. The base provides a rigid structure that doesn’t rely on mounting brackets or physical connections to the machine tool. The clear anodized finish looks great and the finish will not chip, peel, or fade.

Totally self-contained

The RoboFlex PT equipment package is predesigned to make the best possible use of your floor space. The infeed side and the completed parts side are positioned close together to minimize the space required to turn the pallets around as they cycle through the work positions.

Pre-engineered to be versatile and maximize investment

The unit is pre-engineered to provide easy application in many different situations. The unit is capable of running different parts, simply by changing pallets, grippers, and the part handling program. Teach a few simple points to the robot from the pre-determined part handling routine and you’re ready to produce parts. The RoboFlex PT equipment package is available with several different options to further enhance its versatility (See “Robotic Accessories” for details). 

High-speed part exchanges

The FANUC LRMate-200iD robot will typically exchange parts in 15 seconds or less. Additionally, uptime is greater since the robot works through breaks and is always ready to change parts the very instant that the machine requests another part.

Simple operation

Our control panel consists of four basic operation buttons. Start-up is quick and easy. Your operators don’t need to be robotic specialists in order to operate this unit. The most common functions are easy to identify, and our simple message center will always tell your maintenance personnel what the robot is waiting for.

Pre-defined part handling program

The unit is installed with the part handling routine already stored in the robot control. New handling programs can easily be developed by duplicating the original part handling sequence and “teaching” new points to accommodate the new part.

Simple connections to different machines

A pre-defined set of I/O is already connected to a simple bulkhead connector. Use the connections that are appropriate for the machine that you are connecting to. We have provisions built in to connect to existing machines, or we can customize an interface for you.

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