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Pre-Installation Information

Pre-installation manuals are currenlty available for the brands of machines listed below. To find a manual, go through the list below and click on that brand.
NOTE: All information in these documents is deemed accurate and reliable but is subject to manufacturers specification changes.

Citizen, Fanuc, Haas, Hermle, Huundai Wia, Makino, Nakamura and Okamoto.

To view PDFs, you must have Acrobat Reader. To download a free version of Acrobat Reader, click here.

Citizen Logo Small Citizen Pre-Installation Checklists

Citizen A16VI Citizen M316
Citizen A20 Citizen M316y
Citizen A32 Citizen M320
Citizen A20VI Citizen M320y
Citizen B312 Citizen M332
Citizen Bar Feeder Addendum Citizen M332y
Citizen C16VII Citizen M432
Citizen C32VIII Citizen R04V
Citizen K16VII Citizen R07VI
Citizen L20VII-VIII IEMCA Pre-Install
Citizen L32  

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Fanuc Logo FANUC Pre-Installation Checklist

FANUC T14-21iFS-T14iF-RoboMate
FANUC T14iF-21iF-10K-24K FANUC T14-T21 Trodemaster
FANUC T14iFe eco FANUC T21iFL and FLPC2

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Haas Logo Haas Pre-Installation Guide

The Haas pre-install ES0332 guide is an all-in-one guide that includes Installation information and requirements for all Ha as machine models. Any questions should be directed to the respective Productivity Inc Service departments found on the Guide cover. You can also download the Haas Shipping Dimensions literature for all Haas machine models.

For Haas operator manuals, go to For machine layout, table dimensions, hole patterns, etc., go to and select the machine you are looking for. You will see PDF documents "Machine Dimensions" as well as "Shipping Dimensions."

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Hermle Logo Hermle Pre-Installation Checklists

Hermle C20 Technical Sheets Hermle C40 Technical Sheets
Hermle C30 Technical Sheets Hermle C600-C20U

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Hyundai-Wia LogoHyundai-Wia Pre-Installation Checklists

Hyundai Wia KH50G-63G Hyundai Wia SKT100 200
Hyundai Wia Kit 450 OITB Hyundai Wia SKT21LMS

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Makino Logo Makino Pre-Installation Checklists

Makino A51 Makino Edge-2
Makino A61 Makino F3-F5
Makino A71 Makino S33-S56
Makino A81 Makino S33-S56 Special
Makino DUO-64 Makino SP-43
Makino Edge-3-35 Makino V22

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Matsuura Logo Matsuura Pre-Installation Checklists

Matsuura LX/LF-160  

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Okamoto Logo Small Okamoto Pre-Installation Checklists

Okamoto Linear Okamoto ACC.20.40DX
Okamoto ACC.6.18DX3 Okamoto ACC.24.48 CA1
PIC Okamoto ACC.8.20DX Okamoto ACC.24.48DXNC
Okamoto ACC.8.20ST Okamoto ACC.32.120DXBCZ
Okamoto ACC.12.24DXB Okamoto IGM-2M
Okamoto ACC.12.24DX-DXV Okamoto IGM-15NC
Okamoto ACC.12.24EXB Okamoto IGM-15NC2
Okamoto ACC.12.24ST Okamoto OGM-8.20U or 8.20P
Okamoto ACC.16.24DX Okamoto OGM-12.20UNCB
Okamoto ACC.16.32DX Okamoto OGM-12.24UNC
Okamoto ACC.16.32EXB Okamoto OGM-12.40P
Okamoto ACC.16.32ST  

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